Restarting the Neighborhood Nature Blog

I started this Neighborhood Nature Blog back in 2009 as a place to tell stories about my family’s adventures in the yards and parks of Oak Park, Illinois, and the west side of Chicago, using narrative text and photographs. Several years ago I started telling those stories on Facebook, instead, especially in Facebook groups like Nature in Riis Park and Nature in Columbus Park.

Recent changes to Facebook albums have made it harder to tell stories that interweave text with photos. So, I’m going to restart Neighborhood Nature and resume telling my stories here. I will still post links to my stories on Facebook, as well as other short-form content, but at least some of my longer my photo stories about birds and other nature in Oak Park, Riis Park, and Columbus Park will be posted here.

My stories about nature in Douglass Park will be posted on a different website called Nature in Douglass Park.

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