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Restarting, and Redirecting, the Neighborhood Nature Blog May 5, 2014

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As I first wrote here last spring, this blog has been inactive during the past few years as I devoted myself to other projects. This year, however, I have shifted the focus of my nature time and will, eventually, shift the focus of my posts for Neighborhood Nature. Rather than studying and writing about whatever aspects of nature catch my eye on a given day, I have been focusing on a more specific aspect of our neighborhood: the urban parks and suburban landscapes were my sons and I monitor birds for Chicago’s Bird Conservation Network. That includes:

  • The birds we find in these places,
  • The urban and suburban habitats where we find these birds,
  • The plants, bugs, and other resources that birds find and use within these habitats,
  • How bird numbers and behaviors change through the seasons, and
  • How the habitats and their resources change over time.

In preparation for the renewal of this blog, starting spring, 2014, I did the following::

  • Added a couple of additional monitoring sites,
  • Increased my monitoring at my existing sites (to weekly visits to all sites),
  • Did a more thorough job of documenting breeding success using eBird’s breeding codes,
  • Photographed and otherwise documented the plant and water resources available at those sites, and how they changed with the seasons, and
  • Made more notes about the birds’ use of plant and water resources.

That’s where my focus has been from last spring through mid fall. Soon it will be time to start writing and posting photos about my discoveries to date.