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Caterpillar Found Under Dead Leaves November 1, 2009

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This afternoon Ethan was raking leaves when he found a beautiful, silky brown caterpillar on the curb, under dead elm leaves:

Ethan found this caterpillar? Can you tell which is the head end? (If you guessed the left end, you just missed a meal, and the caterpillar escaped with head intact.)

Ethan found this caterpillar, a bit more than an inch long. Can you tell which is the head end? (If you guessed the left end, then the caterpillar escaped with head intact, you silly bird!)

This caterpillar probably fed on leaves this summer and early fall. Now it’s looking for a safe place to shed its skin and enter a resting stage, while it changes into a moth. (The resting stage is called a pupa, which may or may not live in a cocoon.)

But, what kind of caterpillar is it? What kind of moth does it become? My old moth and butterfly field guides did not illustrate a match, but we did find a somewhat similar caterpillar pictured online. So, maybe it’s the caterpillar of the Sloping Sallow moth — or maybe it’s not.

We released the caterpillar in our rock garden, which has lots of good places to hide and make a pupa.

If you can help us identify this caterpillar, please leave a comment, below.


10 Responses to “Caterpillar Found Under Dead Leaves”

  1. Ellen Says:

    hi – I can’t identify your caterpillar but you could try posting the pic at , there are lots of people there who love to identify insects and bugs of all kind…

  2. MooP Says:

    Looks like an army worm, not a caterpillar

  3. del Says:

    hi i have the same one but I dont know what its called.
    i am looking but have not find it yet if you find it email me

  4. Kira Says:

    I’ve been looking up caterpillars, and i believe it is a cutworm.

  5. Avamava Says:

    Hi, i was looking up this kind of caterpillar because I found one today. I was wondering if it was poisonous.

  6. me Says:

    i found one and i think its a cut worm.

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