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Katydids 1, Cicadas 0 October 20, 2009

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When I stepped outside this evening — about a half hour after sunset — I heard a single Katydid singing slowly in a backyard tree. That reminded me: Even though yesterday was 70s and sunny, and this morning was sunny and 60s, I had not heard an Annual Cicada singing either day. In fact, the last time I heard a Cicada song in our neighborhood was October 9th. Temperatures dropped below freezing in Oak Park during Columbus Day weekend, and that must have been enough to kill off the last of our Cicadas. Grasshoppers, Crickets, and at least a few Katydids are still holding on, but the Cicadas’ season seems to be over.

I like fall — I even like winter — but I’m still going to miss the Cicadas.

To hear a Katydid song, go here. To hear the song of a Scissor-grinder Cicada — the last kind heard singing in our neighborhood — go here.


4 Responses to “Katydids 1, Cicadas 0”

  1. Jane Says:

    No cicadas in my neighborhood, but lots of crickets, especially in prairie area in our park. Last evening we also heard a song (from up in the trees, I think) that sounded like clicking. What would that be?

  2. Hi, Jane,
    You might try listening the the Round-headed Katydid recordings on this page:
    They make different sorts of clicking noises.

  3. Jane Says:

    I think it was an Oblong-winged Katydid. Thanks for the link to the site. Now I’m going to start identifying insect songs with my girls.

  4. Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) Says:

    I heard them. See my current post ‘Cicadas are a-comin’. I heard them dead loud!

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