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Cicadas Are Singing, So It Finally Sounds Like Summer! September 1, 2009

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Despite the cool start to the day, Annual Cicadas have been singing almost continuously since the boys left for school. It finally sounds like summer — on September 1st!

So far I’ve heard three kinds of cicada songs: A slow-pulsing buzz, a faster-pulsing buzz, and a high-pitched, continuous whine. The best matches I’ve found for these songs are Scissor-grinder, Dog-day, & Linne’s Cicadas, respectively. Recordings of these cicadas (and many other insects) are online at the Songs of Insects website, here.

By the way, I’m glad someone finally gave common names to these cicadas! I especially like the name “Scissor-grinder Cicada.” Also, the folks who did the Songs of Insects website have a book with CD. We’ve got copies, and they are both beautiful and useful.

One more thing: I’ve still only seen two adult cicadas in our neighborhood this year: One sitting on the side of our neighbor’s house and another that a Robin was trying to catch — the Robin dropped it when it saw me coming. I wonder if adult cicada numbers will increase through September, or if the cicada nymphs still in the ground will just wait until next year.


2 Responses to “Cicadas Are Singing, So It Finally Sounds Like Summer!”

  1. Teensie Says:

    Hi there, just wondering if there are other recorded songs of the cicada? Apparently we have them here in Edmonton Alberta Canada but I have never heard one before or at least haven’t recognized it. My husband said the song we heard tonight was a cicada and it sounds nothing like the link in your blog. Can you help me? Are there different songs? This was a gorgeous song.

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