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Have You Heard Cicadas Yet This Summer? July 12, 2009

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Aaron pointed out that we haven’t heard an Annual Cicada yet this year. Last year we heard the first one on July 14, but in other years we’ve heard them as much as a week or two earlier. Of course, there have been several weeks of very cool weather this spring and summer, and that might have delayed things.

Have you heard a cicada yet this summer? Usually the first species to appear in the Chicago area makes this song: (this is a University of Michigan WAV file). Once Annual Cicadas start singing, they keep it up until at least early October.

Our family has taken a special interest in cicadas for many years. One of the first websites I developed was Kids’ Cicada Hunt (go here to see it). My first blog also was about cicadas (go here). I started the cicadablog in 2007, the year that large numbers of Periodical Cicadas emerged in the Chicago area.

Anyway, we’re on the look out for any evidence of cicadas in our neighborhood. We’ll let you know when we find them!


I just checked Dan Century’s Cicada Mania website (here) to see if he had news of Annual Cicadas. His Community section (here) did have reports of Annual Cicadas from Virginia and New York. He also had a useful post about the most common cicadas of summer in the eastern and midwestern United States, the genus Tibicens (here).


For Twitter users: Here are some TwitterFolk who’ve tweeted about hearing cicadas: @petitealamode (Ohio); @bikeonastick (Minnesota); @EnnuiPrayer (Texas); @cyenobite (East Coast USA). (I’m a Twitter user, too:


Update posted the same day:  At 8:20 this evening, Aaron and I heard our first Annual Cicadas of 2009. Go here to read more.


3 Responses to “Have You Heard Cicadas Yet This Summer?”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Um yea hey. I head some cicadas this Augest. In Chicago Heights Illinois. As a matter of fact on hit me on the head. The whole bug, NOT JUST A OLD SHELL. But the WHOLE alive cicada. and for extra credit my teacher asked me to look up why are cicadas coming out of trees this summer of 2009. she wants to know because she saw one too… but she stepped on it. Can you e-mail me back the answer? I need to know by TODAY!!! AUGEST 24 2009!!!!!!! PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK!!!

    • I think it’s because the cicadas that first came out back in July are starting to die of old age.

      Annual cicadas spend a year or three is nymphs sucking on tree roots underground. Then they emerge as adults and climb or fly into trees, where they sing, mate, and lay eggs. But the adults only live a month or two if they are lucky (and aren’t eaten by birds or cicada killer wasps). So, I’m guessing you got hit by a “lucky” cicada that was dying of old age.

      Lucky you!


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