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Columbus Park Goslings and Ducklings: Not Really Babies Anymore June 22, 2009

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On Sunday morning — the first day of summer — I returned to Columbus Park to monitor breeding birds.  I also visited the families of Canada Geese and Wood Ducks we’ve been following since May.

The seven-week-old Canada Geese had adult-like feathers on their bodies. From a distance, they looked like smaller versions of their parents:


The Canada Goose family was more mobile and more nervous than before -- they headed for the lagoon as I approached.

They still looked like miniature adults when I zoomed a bit closer:


The new-grown body feathers made this gosling look like a miniature adult.

But when a gosling flapped its wings, it was clear it still had a way to go before becoming an adult:


The seven-week-old Canada Goose had not grown full-length flight feathers.

Here are four previous posts about this Canada Goose family:

I also found the family of one-month-old Wood Ducks on a tree-lined shore of the lagoon. As usual, the mother Wood Duck eyed me nervously and led her brood to cover. I couldn’t get a clear photo of the entire family. I counted nine ducklings instead of the usual eleven, but the last two may have been hiding in the leaves:


The month-old Wood Ducks were almost as big as their mom, but their feathers still looked babyish.

Here are two previous posts about this Wood Duck family:

We’ll keep watching both families as they grow, and we’ll post more photos on this blog.


To learn more about how Wood Ducks raise their young, you can check these websites:

  • All About Birds – Basic information about Wood Duck natural history, including nesting.
  • YouTube – First of a series of videos of Wood Ducks hatching and leaving the nest.
  • Wikipedia – Encyclopedia-style information about Wood Ducks.
  • Daily Herald – Story about how Wood Ducks are becoming more common in urban areas.

To learn more about Canada Goose families, you can check these websites:

  • All About Birds – Basic information about Canada Goose natural history, including nesting.
  • Wikipedia – Encyclopedia-style information about Canada Geese.

2 Responses to “Columbus Park Goslings and Ducklings: Not Really Babies Anymore”

  1. shannon jackson Says:

    Hi. Thanks for the information. My son and I rescuced a day old Canadian gosling from the side of the road a week ago. He is growing strong and has become a part of the family. He follows me around the kitchen now wanting to lay at my feet when he is not eating! We have 90 acres in Hampton, CT with a huge pond for him to enjoy!

    • That’s very cool. We have one family of Canada Goose babies in our local Park this year, and yesterday my son found a Wood Duck family with 13 ducklings in the lagoon!

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