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There are Lichens Growing on Our Bench! March 12, 2009

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When we installed rock gardens on our sliver of front lawn, we added a bench so folks could sit and enjoy the view:

The bench in front of our house.

Step closer and look at the wooden slats.

Just this morning I noticed tiny spots of color on the wooden slats, so I looked a little closer:

Two colors of lichen are growing on our bench!

Two colors of lichen are growing on our bench!

I guess some folks would say I’m way past due to treat that wood. On the other hand, how can I kill something as wonderful as lichens? Especially when I don’t know what kind they are, or what they might be telling me about the quality of our air?

And now that bench is more than furniture — it’s a habitat for living things! (Can you copyright an excuse?)


2 Responses to “There are Lichens Growing on Our Bench!”

  1. Warren Brown Says:

    It looks like a lot of moss is growing there too. Not as flashy as lichens but certainly well established.

    • Hi, Warren!
      There also seems to be single-celled algae growing right inside the wood, especially on the horizontal slats (which must stay wetter). All this stuff also grows on tree bark around here, but it’s harder to see.
      I guess this is what an arboretum would have looked like before there were trees, (Except it all would be growing on a rock instead of a piece of wood.)

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