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Shoots, Flowers, & Leaves March 10, 2009

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Spring bulbs send up shoots, then flowers, then leave us ’til next spring. (Or take away the comma, it still works.)

In our neighborhood, Snow Drops are the only bulbs I’ve seen in bloom. But more shoots are showing up, especially on the south sides of our homes. Here’s what I saw this morning while walking in the rain:

Can you identify the shoots for what will soon be spring flowers?

Can you identify the shoots of these spring flowers?

I’m pretty sure the taller narrow leaves in center left are Daffodils (or some kind of Narcissus). The broader leaves center right look like Tulips. In the foreground, the shorter narrow leaves with white stripes may be Crocus. I’m not sure about the shorter shoots in the background.

With the latest passing shower, it’s probably rained an inch just today. That’s on top of three and a half inches last weekend. It’s still winter, but those showers already are doing their job.


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