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Revised Format for Our Birding Lists January 27, 2009

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We updated the format for two of our list pages to include some longer term data. The page for our block now includes a list of all the birds we saw on our block during 2008 — a total of 78 species. The page for Columbus Park now includes a list of all the birds we’ve seen in almost 2 years of collecting data in the Park — a total of 144 species.

We are really pleased to have so many different kinds of birds in our urbanized neighborhood! Each each name on our lists represents a memory, or often many memories, about when and where we saw that species, what it was doing, who we were with, and how we felt about the experience.

The revised pages can be found here:

Those lists represent a lot of time spent birding in our neighborhood. I can make the time because walking is what I do for exercise, and my doctor recommended I get more of it Birding slows me down a bit — OK, sometimes it slows me down a lot! But, I’ve been doing my exercise bird walks since September, averaging 14 miles a week, and my blood pressure really did fall to acceptable levels.

Now we’ll see what happens during spring migration, when there can be lots of warblers in the trees. I might have trouble covering more than a few blocks an hour. If my blood pressure rises in early May, we’ll know why.


Nature Note added 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 3:

I just posted an additional list: Dad’s Walking Bigby: Big Green Big Year (2009). This list includes only those birds I see at home or on walks that originate at home.


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