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I’m Devoting this Spring to Mobile Media April 14, 2010

Last fall I got my first iPhone, so I’m devoting this year to exploring nature with mobile devices. I bought bird guide apps like iBird Pro and Sibley Birds, and they’re pretty useful. However, I’m most interested in using my iPhone to enter and explore data about the nature in our neighborhood. Here are three ways I’m doing that, using both my iPhone and laptop computer:

  • Project Noah. Read about my early experiences with Project Noah here. To date I’ve posted 30 photos, mostly from Columbus Park and our neighborhood in south Oak Park. To find them, go to the Project Noah home page, type Chicago in the search box, and zoom into the center of the map. I planted most of the tiny leaves on the west side of town. Click on a leaf to see and read about my sightings.
  • @NearbyNature on Twitter. Twitter is where I post frequent, really short reports about the nature seen in our neighborhood (and elsewhere). These Nature Updates are also listed on this blog page at the top of the right menu.
  • eBird. I’ve been using eBird for three years now, and I’ve submitted more than 1000 lists, mostly from our neighborhood. You can see my latest lists on the Web by visiting my blog pages for Columbus Park, south Oak Park, and our block. Now you can also access eBird data using an iPhone app called BirdsEye.

So, that’s where most my online time and effort are going this spring and summer. I won’t be posting as often on this blog, but if you want to find out what I’m up to, now you know where to look.


3 Responses to “I’m Devoting this Spring to Mobile Media”

  1. Alan Kwit Says:

    Jill Niland was kind enough to direct me to your blog. She thought you might be able to identify a rather large dark hawk-like bird I saw soaring low around the medium -rise building on the northeast corner of I-290 and 1st Av in Maywood, IL. Here’s want I sent her…

    Wondering if you might be able to tell me what bird I saw. In Maywood, IL, on the northeast corner of 1st Av and I-290 (Eisenhower Expwy) there is a large dark hawk-like bird that soars around the tall building located on this corner. Last night around 8pm I saw it soar and then perch on one of the bldg stories. There appeared to be another bird also perched there. This morning I only saw the one bird soaring around this building and may have perched on the roof. Maybe nesting there?
    Any one have a report on this bird(s) that will let me know what I saw? It was a cool sight.
    Alan Kwit

    have you seen these birds and can identify for me? Thanks,
    Alan Kwit

  2. tracy Says:

    Mobile media has made learning so much easier. Now you no longer have to carry around a bunch of guide books.

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